Michigan Medical Claims Biller

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Ensure the improved profitability of your practice through efficient and specialized medical billing services from On Point Medical Billing of the Greater Metro Detroit area. On Point Medical Billing will assist your facility in following up on your medical claims. We will also make sure that your healthcare services receive proper reimbursement to help maximize revenue and secure financial health. With over 17 years of experience and 3 years of service, we have been providing quality medical billing services for small to mid-size medical facilities throughout Michigan.

Why Choose Our Services?

Medical Invoice

  • AAPC Registered Medical Biller
  • Accessible to Bill Electronically and Paper Claims
  • HIPAA Compliant Business
  • Competitive Rates
  • Provides Access to the Billing Software Which Includes Scheduling
  • Provides Services Needed to Run a Physician's Office Like Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Up to Date With ICD-10 and Coding Initiatives

Make Prompt Follow Up on Claims

Receive timely payments for every healthcare service provided by your private practice. Let our medical billing specialists handle your billing process, from scheduling electronic health records and coding diagnoses to patient and insurance follow-ups. We pay attention to details and working with smaller offices enables us to provide individualized attention to each client. Call us to learn more about our medical billing services!

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